Sea Legs (A Flash Fiction)

It comes back too easily. A year of sobriety, but I never really lost my sea legs. One drink to set sail. Laughing, his fingers graze my arm. Testing the waters. Whiskey flows, flooding my mind. The room swims around me. Kaleidoscope of colors, thumping rhythm, grinding sweaty bodies. I’m riding the swells that threaten … Continue reading Sea Legs (A Flash Fiction)


How to Heal a Broken Heart

I lie in the hospital bed, electrodes taped all over my chest. Wires protrude under my gown, connected to a heart monitor that lets out an occasional alarm. My right arm stings from a fresh IV while my left arm is squeezed by a blood pressure cuff til my fingers go numb. My chest hurts, … Continue reading How to Heal a Broken Heart