That Time I Got Published Three Times in One Month…

December has kicked off with a bang! I’m thrilled to announce that three of my short stories will be featured in three different publications this month.

The first, “The Wolf’s Bane,” is in an anthology from Kyanite Press. It’s a dark reimagining of Little Red Riding hood, with werewolves and whiskey. You can find the collection of short stories here:

Kyanite Press Winter Digest

Next, my short story, “An Elegant Solution,” is in Barren Magazine, Issue No. 4. It explores the near future of humanity, and the consequences of our decisions in life. You can read it here:

An Elegant Solution

And last, my surreal flash fiction, “Evelyn Versus the Hydrangea,” will be released in the Ginger Collect, Issue 8, on December 21. This strange tale asks just how far will one girl go to please others, or will she finally stand up for herself? It will be on their website just in time for Solstice!

Evelyn Versus the Hydrangea

I can’t promise these stories will keep you warm in the dark winter nights, but they will certainly give you a thrill. I hope you enjoy!


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